Friday, March 15, 2013

Venting, Complaining, Bullying

Venting, Complaining, Bullying

We all need to vent at times. Basically, this need of "complaining" to someone is a "momentary and instant gratification" and a temporary relief for one's pain. Having someone listen is a good sounding block and a strengthening technique for a person, but in reality it does not relieve one of the poisonous residue which has been created in one's stomach which sits and eats one's inside, not solving or resolving anything.
We always should do what our heart tells us to do. Nothing is better than pure honesty!
Sometimes being open and telling the truth is scary and intimidating. Fear of the unknown outcome is always seems much worse than it actually is. In reality, nothing terrible may happen if we tell the truth, and the world will definitely not come apart at the seams.
No need to worry or be afraid. God always watches us, protects us and has our back, thus, sending us on an even better path... So, at times even when it seems that we are down in the dumps and nothing worse can happen to us..., in reality it may be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, we may learn major lessons along the way. This is done through and by the great power of the divine, and that's more than fine too and needs to be appreciated as well. We need to acknowledge, recognize and not take anything for granted which God gives us... He knows exactly what is right for us and what needs to be done. Therefore, He plants the seeds of truth deep inside our heart. We need to reach inside and let that truth, grow, blossom, and shine.
One simply has to arrive at total trust and fully and whole heartedly love one-self. We can only be the best that we can be and strive to make ourselves even be better.
Anything negative that's not good for us and is destroying us, we need to get rid of and disregard.
We always need to find the courage to boost and power ourselves. We don't have to work in a horrible environment, or be in a bad and unfulfilled relationship. Some people are like blood sucking parasites who love to bully, intimidate and make people misery. They need to do that and live off those people's misery which they create just for that reason in the first place. We never need to sit and take abuse and be miserable in a situation that we find ourselves in.
Self doubt is the worst possible thing! We have to really TRUST and we always have a choice to move on and up to something bigger, better, and higher.
Everything always happens for a reason. As one door closes, another one opens... Ultimately, it's all our choice of how we choose to live our life and how to make it more fulfilling.
The question is how much do we really want to get to that "higher" level of joy?

Your Truly, I.N. <3 :-)


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