Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Light vs. Dark in Balance

Light vs. Dark in Balance:
Without Dark, we would not see the Light. Without Evil, we would not appreciate the Goodness. Without Hatred, we would not feel Love! God created both the darkness and the negative, so that we would clearly see and appreciate both the Light & the Positive! (It's there to remind us even when we take our regular daily photos.) Opposites, positive & negative attract trying to keep each other in balance. For thousands of years, we have seen a lot of evil and hatred, trying to take over the good. It takes only a little good to overcome major bad. So it was with David vs. Goliath. So it will be with Goodness vs. Evil (and all world's terror). Evil will never succeed in extinguishing our light & our fire because it's eternal and it shines from the Divine. It will live in us forever! Evil will never beat us! Evil will never win because we love & respect life, and we love & respect the divine! We live our life by Godliness, Miracles, Prayer & Good Deeds. The world must stop the darkness & the terror! Let the Divine Light, Truth & Goodness come in! "Light one candle", and it will spark the fire of Godliness within the rest of the world... For the month of Chanukah & its miracles! It's time to tip the scale in the direction of Light, Goodness, Truth, and ultimate Justice, and let it overcome the bad and prevail! It's time for peace on earth!! God please help us make Light, Love, and Peace, and allow us to spread it all over the world and let all humanity finally see it too! Amen! ♥