Theory Concepts

A Few Words of Gratitude: I will start off first with a special and much deserved thanks, recognitions and acknowledgements to my husband "Harry", my daughter Sarah, my sons David & Jonathan, my parents S & E, my sister Ann, my best friend Laurie, and my "sis"/bff Allen for always loving me, supporting me, guiding me, "styling" me, advising me, standing up, by & for me, and most of all for putting up with me. Through each and everyone of you, I have been endowed with special gifts & unique qualities. I must have done something "right" to have reached the merit of having you in my life. I also thank G-d & Divine Intervention for helping me to arrive at this point & time, and for letting me receive all that is due to me in this life to possess.  I am forever & eternally grateful to ALL of you, and I love you more than words can say. Yours Truly, I.N. <3

A letter from Irene N. (Soulfism Founder):

Peace lives within your heart. It’s patiently waiting for you to discover it. Seek it and you shall find it… Reach for it and it will stir inside you… Embrace it and it will show you the way… Live it and it shall follow you… Spread it and it will give you joy, and bring goodness to your soul… With much Love, Light, Joy & Hope, I.N. <3

Dear Soul Fulfillment Searcher,

The following are my own Life Theories, Concepts & Goals which brought me to the present development of Soulfism and the trademark/use of the actual word "Soulfism":

Soulfism is the imprinted Knowledge and Study of one’s soul… It’s the deep emotional cleansing & purifying of the soul via information passed to it from one to another.
We are all reflections and mirror images of each other… You help me, and vice versa, I help you…
Love, Light, Hope & Knowledge = PEACE & SERENITY!
Soul, Trust, Inspiration, Meditation, Fulfillment = COMPLETENESS = YOU & ME!
Truth, Honesty, Wisdom, Time, Place & Luck = DIVINE INSPIRATION!

Regarding my view point on spirituality & dealing with relationships:

It is with much Divine Light, Luck & Inspiration which was passed to me from above, that I have arrived at this Place, Point, Knowledge and Time:
Every single one of my relationships with someone, whether good or bad, whether complicated or easy, whether turbulent or tranquil and stress-free, had a tremendous impact on me which orderly helped me set the way to arrive at this milestone. And, therefore, I first thank G-d for giving me the strength, the power to persevere and the will to do this, and then each and every one of you - after all we are all universally connected – for teaching me (and I so much appreciate each and every lesson which I have learned on personal/business relationships, and more importantly, true friendships), for enlightening me, for being patient as it took much time, and most of all for leading me down this difficult path to the ultimate road of World Peace…
I believe that you will find this gradually acquired material of service and help to you.

My Theory :
The path of finding total peace, contentment and completeness within oneself may seem and be difficult; yet extremely satisfying and definitely well worth the hardship! They say: “Everything happens for a reason… Everything is meant to be and there are no coincidences…” Of course, often our “not so smooth ride” has plenty of “bumps” along the road... The process of overcoming those obstacles through soul searching, self cleansing, meditation and self transformation, gives us the reason to go on, and the strength to get passed them, finding inner peace and trust which will eventually, with much hope, lead us to universal peace.
We are what we think and live out our thoughts... Just like any other individual on this universe, I have come a long way, full circle actually, with my own “reserves of time to get rid of” baggage filling over the top. I have had my shares of clashes and conflicts with my mother, my family and many other people in my life, many of whom I deeply loved and still do so today, due to my compulsive hoarding of this “baggage” for years … Most of my young life and way into adulthood and then middle age, I had spent doing a lot of soul searching, cleansing, and healing trying to get to the root of what was really and honestly inside my heart…
As my daughter had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, I had noticed that she began going through many of the same trials and tribulations which I had earlier experienced, and now was filling up her own reservoirs of unpleasantness due to the daily battles of human relationships.
I felt that it was time to get to the deeply rooted nucleus of these problems, facing it head on, and “nipping it in the butt” once and for all sort of speak, in order to eventually completely better all human relationships, universally. After all, as it is said: “It all begins and ends in our own backyard…”
The endless love and connection between mother and daughter is the ultimate femininity which we seek. It's through this connection that even the most masculine men, who are often scared to admit their own "femininity", thrive... Hence, through a combined effort of both of our experiences, as well as with others with whom we have come to share our human paths of life, that I have aspired to come up with the following. Therefore, with much Love, Light, Hugs, Kisses and Smiles, I dedicate this blog, as well as all my inspirational work, to my darling daughter Sarah (this in no way lessens the deep love and miraculous connection which I have with my two remarkably amazing sons David & Jonathan). You are my devotion, my affection, my partner, my yin & yang, and most of all, my best friend for all eternity. Dear daughter, you complete me…

Irene Nurieli

Happiness is Love, Light, and Self Completeness, and always, always having Hope. 

The Road to (WORLD) Peace starts with a healthy balance of mind, body, soul and one's inner heart.
Someone told me to spread the Love, so I am.... 
Love, Light, and Peace, there's truly NOTHING BETTER! I.N. ♥ :-)


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