Saturday, December 22, 2012

The New Era

12/22/12 -----> The New Era...

So, we lived through another Armaggedon. Yet, another silly & meaningless Doom's Day prediction has gone by and went farkakte... I guess we can all go back to our daily routine and business now. The Mayans must have meant 12/21/3012 ;-) 
Besides, only G-d knows when this world will end, if ever, since He's the one who created in the first place.
Instead of concentrating on nonsense, let's just focus on making this world a better & more peace loving place! We can do this through, peace, love, care, honesty, good deeds, joy and by allowing Divine goodness to rule the universe! Live fully! Love completely with a full pulsing heart, without wasting your time on useless doubts & insecurities, but instead with a deep & true adoring emotion! Laugh till you cry from Happiness and till your stomach contracts in a pleasant pain!
We can do this by allowing Divine & Eternal Light of Goodness & Knowledge to shine brightly & with full consciousness. This is a new time and "new age" (and this is what I truly believe that the Mayans may have meant). So, therefore, in this new "era" it's time for real happiness and joy on earth for all people, races, nations & religions of the world to Love & Respect each other in Peace! We can do it all! We can achieve anything that we set our minds & hearts to! After all, from the beginning we were all "sewn from the same  cloth", made from the same rib, and are descendants of the same first man, the same forefather & the same people, and basically, we all believe in the same thing & in only one G-d!
We have a choice! G-d gave us that choice! So make it a good & kind choice! G-d is not happy when we fight. G-d is not happy when we argue. G-d is not happy when we sin and turn our face on each other doing bad & mean things to one another. On the contrary, when G-d sees us loving, caring & getting along with & for each other, then He's in his full Glory! We can all reach this level of Divine Height without needing to build a physical Tower of Babel, which confused & separated us in the first place... We can all simply do it through Hope, Light, Love & Peace! Shabbat Shalom, Happy Holidays & Peace on Earth Everyone! I.N. <3 :-)